Our Story

Welcome to a community of chess lovers, created by Grandmasters and chess enthusiasts.

I am an International Grandmaster Avetik Grigoryan and the founder of ChessMood. Here is that fascinating story how all this began.

In my life there is a slogan that I always follow: "Dream big and follow your dreams, they know the way”.

Everyone has dreams, I am sure you too. When I was a child, one of my big dreams was to play with a Grandmaster. However, I did not just dream, I also put a lot of effort in it. I tried every possible way, visited every online chess platform and challenged every Grandmaster.

Finally, something special happened to a 13-year-old boy. A Russian Grandmaster Sergei Shipov accepted my challenge. I was like "wooow." My hands were shaking ... I was so excited, that I was afraid to misclick and put a piece not where I would want. More than 16 years passed, but I still remember that day, those incredible minutes and seconds. I remember the opening, I played Trampowsky line, we castled opposite sides. Somehow I got a strong attack, and luckily checkmated him. It was such an amazing emotion which will always stay in my memory (heart). 

Do you have such dream to play against Grandmaster like I had? Probably you think you are not that lucky to get that chance and make your dream come true. My friend, I have good news for you. You just got it!    

The world is full of evil, but what we need is the exact opposite. What if each of us brings some goodness to the world? Many times I asked myself “what can I do for people?” and one of the things that came into my mind was, "Man, so many chess lovers dream to play against a Grandmaster and never get a chance.” So why not organize that?

At first I thought to create an event and play with anyone who would register. However, I was not sure that I would be able to do it all by myself, if more than 100 players registered. So I asked my Grandmaster friends, if they would like to join my idea. They agreed with great delight. Here are their names: International Grandmaster Melkumyan Hrant (fide elo , member of Armenian national team), GM Andriasian Zaven (World Junior Champion), GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes (one of most talented guys I have ever seen).

Later we decided not to be satisfied with just 1 day blitz games, but to create a community of chess lovers, where we will play with them one on one, give simul games, organize webinars, have Skype calls and much more.

And all this … Yeah! For free!

Why I do this?

 All the great people who had an impact in my life advised me “Give the world as much as you can, go and teach someone what you learnt”. I like this idea so much! There is wisdom in it.

Now it’s my turn. It's free my friend, but one kind request... Do something for someone else. Go and help someone to get to their dreams. Probably you have a friend or a friend of friends who wants to learn to play chess. Go and teach him. Bring kindness to the world.

I do hope you will follow my request. Engage more chess enthusiasts in this community and bring much more kindness to the world. By joining our “ChessMood” community, you will not only enjoy your time, but also will make it bigger and better.

Welcome to ChessMood family.

With best wishes,